How to Add Background Color to Your Outlook Signature

You must have known how to add signature in Outlook. But do you know how to make signature more attractive, such as adding background color? Here is a quick guide for you.

Email signature is playing an important role in standing for a person’s image. In order to better promote yourself, your computer and even your products, it is suggested to make your signature more charming. Read on to look at how to insert background color to your signature in Outlook.

Add Background Color to Your Outlook Signature

  1. To begin with, click “New Email” in “Home” ribbon to create a new email.
  2. Then in the new message window, you should shift to “Insert” tab and press “Signature” button in “Include” group. And from its drop down list, select a signature which you would like to add background color to.Choose a signature
  3. After the signature is located in the message body. You should put the cursor at another blank place in the message body. And then click “Table” button under “Insert” tab and choose “1 x 1 Table”. Insert a 1x1 table
  4. Next you should select all the signature characters and drag and drop them into the table.Move the signature into the table
  5. After that, you should switch to the highlighted “Table Tools” ribbon. Under “Design” tab, find and click on “Shading” button. And from the drop down list, choose a preferred color to shade the selected table. Or you can click “More Colors” button to select other colors.Shading the selected table
  6. Later you need to remove the table border. Select the table. Click “Borders” button and choose “No Border” option. Remove the Table Border
  7. Now you should select the table and press “Ctrl + C” to copy the table.
  8. And next go to “Insert” > “Signature” > “Signatures”. The “Signatures and Stationery” dialog box will show up, in which take the following steps:
  • At first, select the source signature to edit.
  • Then in “Edit signature” box, select all the signature characters and remove them entirely.
  • Next right click the blank place and choose to paste the entire cell from the context menu.
  • Lastly after pasting successfully, click “OK” to save the signature.Change the Signature

Now you will get the signature similar to the following pictures.Add Background Color to Your Outlook Signature

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