How to Add Scroll Bars to Your Excel Charts

Chart is a very useful feature in Excel. Therefore, inserting scrollbar into charts can help you better analyze data.

If you need to input a bunch of data into one chart in Excel, you will certainly find that the chart is not easy to look at. And not we have found a new method of inserting scrollbar into a chart in Excel. Thus, you can review the chart more easily.

I. Add Bar Chart and Set Name

  1. Select the range that you will use to create a chart.
  2. Click the “Insert” tab in the ribbon.
  3. Then click the button “Column”.Create a Bar Chart
  4. And in the drop-down menu, click the chart type. Here we create a bar chart.
  5. Click “File” in the ribbon.
  6. And then click “Options”.Click File and Option
  7. In the new window, click “Customize Ribbon”.
  8. And then in the right part, check the option “Developer”.Add the Developer Tab
  9. Then click “OK”. If you have already added this tab, you can skip those steps.
  10. Click the “Developer” tab.
  11. In the developer tab, click the button “Insert”.
  12. And then click “Scroll Bar”.Click Scroll Bar
  13. Now you can drag your mouse and draw a scroll bar as your need.
  14. After you have created a scrollbar, right click it.Click Format Control
  15. In the new menu, choose “Format Control”.
  16. In the new window, input the minimum and maximum value.The Window of Format Control
  17. Now you need to input a cell link into the text box. You can set any of a blank as the link cell. And here we set it C1.
  18. Then click “OK”.
  19. Input the period that you want to show in a blank cell. For example, if you want to show 3 bars in the chart, you can input the number 3. Here we input it into the cell C2.
  20. Then click the link cell C1.
  21. Click the “Formulas” tab in the ribbon.
  22. Then click “Define Name”.Click Define Name
  23. Input the name of the first column into the text box. Here we input “Sales_Rperesentative”. If the name includes two words, you should add a “_” between the two words.
  24. And then input the formula into the “Refers to” text box:


Sheet2 is the current sheet that you are editing. A1 is the first cell of the range. C1 is the link cell. And C2 is the cell show the period. And you need to change according to your actual situation. The OFFSET function here will return the reference in the text box.New Name of First Column

25. Next click “OK”.

26. Now click the “Define Name” once again.

27. In another “New Name” window, input the name into the text box. Here we input “DataNumen_Excel_Repair”.

28. And in the “Refers to” text box. Input this formula:


You should also change it according to your actual situation.New Name of Second Column

29. And then click “OK”.

II. Set Series in Chart

  1. Right click the bar chart that you have created before.Select Data
  2. And in the new menu, then choose “Select Data” option.
  3. In the “Select Data Source” window, click “DataNumen Excel Repair”
  4. And then click the first “Edit” button on the left.
  5. Then in the text box of “Series values”, input this into it:


Sheet2 is the sheet that you are now editing. “DataNumen_Excel_Repair” is the name of the second column. Here we add “_” between the words because we have added this in the Name in the previous part. In addition, you need to change the elements according to your worksheet.Input Series Values

6. And then click the button “OK”.

7. Now you will come back to the “Select Data Source” window. Click the second button “Edit” in the “Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels”.

8. Then in the “Axis Labels” window, input this formula into the text box:


Also you need to change the worksheet and the name.Input Axis Label Range

9. And then click the button “OK”.

10. Then continue clicking “OK” in the “Select Data Source” window.Click OK

Thus, you have finished all the settings. Now you can click the scroll bar and the category of bars on the chart will also change according to the number. You can also input the numbers directly into the link cell that you have set.The Result

What’s more, the total number of bars will remain 3 as you have set before. And you can also adjust the shape of scroll bar to make it more beautiful. As for the result, you can see the  video below:

You will find that the number on the link cell C1 will also change according to the scroll bar.

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