How to Quickly Remove All Pictures & Attachments in the Original Email When Replying It

When you receive an email with multiple pictures and attachments, if you reply it with all the original pictures and attachments, the email will be long and in large size. It will be difficult to send it out. This article will offer the way to remove them in batches.

In order to reply an email which encompasses a host of pictures and attachments, I tend to remove them in advance. In the past, I only knew to delete them one by one, which requires much time and energy. But now I get acquaintance with a new technique. Here are its elaborate steps.

Remove All Pictures & Attachments in the Original Email

  1. At the beginning, in Mail pane, double click the source email to open it in its own window.
  2. Then in the message window, find the “Move” group. Click “Actions” button and choose “Edit Message” from its drop down list.Edit Message
  3. Next switch to “Format Text” tab. And then click on “Plain text” option in “Format” group. At once, a dialog box of “Microsoft Outlook Compatibility Checker” turn up. In the summary box, you can see the prompt that “Pictures will be lost”. Just click “Continue” button.Change to Plain Text Format
  4. After that, you will back to the message interface and can discover that the original pictures have gone away entirely. Now move on to remove the attachments.
  5. Click on one attachment and then press “Ctrl + A” to select all of them. And then under the emerging “Attachments” ribbon, hit “Remove Attachments” button to delete them in batches.Remove All Attacchments
  6. Now all the pictures and attachments have disappeared totally. You need to press “Ctrl + S” keyboard shortcut to save the changes to the email. And click the message by clicking “X” icon in the top right corner.
  7. After you backing to the mail pane, highlight the email among the mail list and press “Reply” button in “Respond” group.Reply
  8. In the reply message window,  shift to “Format Text” tab and change the preset “Plain Text” format to “HTML” format. You should know that plain text doesn’t support pictures, format and so on.Change Back to HTML
  9. Eventually you can compose the email as usual and click “Send” button.

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