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How to Get a Notification of the Next Upcoming Task after Completing One in Outlook

In general, after you mark an Outlook task as completed, you may tend to check the next upcoming task subsequently. This article will tell you how to use Outlook VBA to let Outlook auto notify you of the next upcoming task. More often than not, many users are accustomed to opening and viewing the next upcoming task after completing a task in that they have to begin to deal with the next task. As usual, if you would like to check the next upcoming task, you have to first sort all your task...

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4 Quick Methods to Get the Color of Text in Your Word Document

In this post, we are glad to share with you 4 quick methods to get the color of text in your Word document. There are times when you will inherit a Word document with colored texts. Some people prefer to mark texts with different colors. So to keep the integrity of a document formatting, it’s necessary to know the text color. For this reason, we come up with 4 very useful solutions for you to cope with the issue. Method 1: Use “Format Painter” First off, select the colored...

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4 Ways to Quickly Add Multiple Rows or Columns to an Existing Word Table

In this article, we would like to introduce you with 4 ways to quickly add multiple rows or columns to an existing Word table. Every so often, we would find additional rows or columns are needed for an existing table. Certainly, there are a number of methods to realize it. And we here provide you 4 quick ways to do that. Method 1: Add Multiple Rows with “Tab” Key Firstly, put your cursor outside the end of the last row of a table. Then press “Tab” key to get as many rows as...

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