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How to Quickly Send Your Today’s Appointments to Someone via Outlook VBA

At times, you may need to extract and send your today’s appointments to someone. Without any doubts, searching and attaching such appointments one by one is quite cumbersome. So this article will teach you how to quickly get it via VBA. By default, Outlook permits you to email a calendar and specify the date range of the calendar. But by this way, the entire Today’s calendar will be sent, shown as the following screenshot: If you simply desire to send today’s appointment items, like...

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How to Quickly Convert the Members of a Contact Group into Individual Contacts via Outlook VBA

When you get a contact group from others, sometimes maybe you want to convert all its members into individual contacts, rather than an original contact group. This article will help you quickly accomplish it via Outlook VBA. Actually, in my previous article – “4 Steps to Extract Individual Contacts from Distribution List in Outlook”, I have introduced a clunky way to realize it. In short, that means is to firstly save the contact group as Text file, then transfer it to a CSV file and...

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2 Quick Ways to Extract the MS Office Files Embedded in Your Word Document

In today’s article, we will provide you with 2 quick ways to extract all the MS office files embedded in your Word document. Every so often, we could inherit a Word document containing multiple embedded files, such as below: Normally, to export them, we will have to open the file and then save it. This way, however, is acceptable when there are few files. Once a large number of objects are involved, we shall look for some more quick and energy-saving shortcuts. For this reason, we have...

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