How to Fill Blank Table Cells with Same Text in Batches in Your Word Document

In the article below, there are instructions enabling you to fill blank table cells with same text in batches in your word document.

Now and then if you send Word tables for others to fill, you can always get them back with some blank table cells. On one hand to leave them alone in blank will to some degree compromise your Word document look. On the other hand, you need to input same text in those blank cells sometimes.

It is therefore we here present you the detailed steps to fill blank table cells with same text in batches. Just read on to view more.

Fill Blank Table Cells with Same Text in Batches

  1. First thing, you should start with selecting all the blank table cells. Certainly, you can press “Ctrl” then select all blank cells one by one. This way, however, isn’t so convenient especially when the blank cells are not next to each other., such as below:An Example of Table Containing Blank Cells

So we here can select an area where the blank cells are included. Or you can just select the entire table.

  1. Secondly, click “Home” tab.
  2. Then click “Multilevel List” option in “Paragraph” group.
  3. And on the list-menu, choose “Define New Multilevel List”.Select an Area Contains Blank Cells ->Click "Home" ->Click "Multilevel List" ->Choose "Define New Multilevel List"
  4. Now you will open the “Define new Multilevel list” dialog box. Click “More” button on the left-down corner of the dialog box first because you will need to choose some options.
  5. Then click “1” on the list box of “Click level to modify”.
  6. Next in “Enter formatting for number” text box, enter the text you want to display in those blank cells.
  7. And go to choose “Nothing” on the list box of “Follow number with”. Click "1" in "Click level to modify" List Box ->Enter Text in "Enter formatting for number" Text Box ->Choose "Nothing" in "Follow number with" List Box
  8. Now go back to the list box of “Click level to modify” and click “2” this time.
  9. Repeat step 7 and step 8.
  10. Click “OK”.Click "2" in "Click level to modify" List Box ->Enter Text in "Enter formatting for number" Text Box ->Choose "Nothing" in "Follow number with" List Box ->Click "OK"

You can see texts on all table cells you select in step 1.Text You Enter Shows in Table Cells You Just Choose

Remove the Texts from Some Table Cells

As you see, if you select an area or the whole table in above step 1, you will add texts to some already filled cells which is not necessary. Thus we will show you the way to eliminate texts from these cells.

  1. Firstly, select all the cells which contain the texts you enter.
  2. Then click “Home” tab.
  3. Next click the upside-down triangle behind “Find” option in “Editing” group.
  4. On the list-menu, choose “Advanced Find”.Select the Area You Just Selected Again ->Click "Home" ->Click the Upside-down Triangle Behind "Find" ->Choose "Advanced Find"
  5. In the “Find and Replace” dialog box, type “^?” in “Find what” text box.
  6. Next, click “Find In” button.
  7. And choose “Current Selection”.Enter in "Find what" Text Box ->Click "Find In" Button ->Choose "Current Selection"

Now you will see those cells which don’t need the texts are selected.Non-blank Cells Are Selected

  1. Click “Bullets” in “Paragraph” group.
  2. And choose “None” in “Bullet Library”.Click "Bullets" ->Choose "None" in "Bullet Library"

The next thing you see is that texts have been removed from those cells.Text Left Only in Originally Blank Cells

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