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How to Auto Move the Emails from Unknown Senders to a Specific Folder with Outlook VBA

Since the emails from unknown senders may be malicious emails, you should keep cautious of them. This article will tell you how to auto move such emails to another folder, blocking them from cluttering up your Inbox. You must have ever received the emails which come from unknown sources. How do you deal with them as usual? In general, it is not suggested to readily trust in them. Do not download their attachments or open the links embedded in them in that they may contain viruses, causing...

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2 Methods to Count the Total Words of One Language in a Multi-language Word Document

In today’s article, we would like to present you 2 methods to count the total words of one language in a multi-language Word document. Once in a while, some of you may have the demand to edit a multi-language Word document. As a result, there will be times you want to do word count for one specific language, but only to find Word unable to perform this task. Then it is out aim to provide you with 2 useful solutions to address such an issue. Method 1: Use “Advanced Find” Option ...

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How to Quickly Delete Multiple Outlook Mail Folders in Batches

Undoubtedly, it is very easy to delete a single mail folder in Outlook. But if you want to delete multiple mail folders, deleting them individually will be quite cumbersome. In this article, we will guide you how to delete them in batches. As usual, when you intend to delete a single mail folder, there are two methods available. As shown in the following screenshot, one is that you could right click this mail folder and then select “Delete Folder” from its context menu. The other one is...

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