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4 Ways to Add Alternative Text to a Picture in Your Word Document

In this article, we want to demonstrate you 4 ways to add alternative text to a picture in your Word document. Now and then, there can be myriad of pictures in a Word document. And to make them more understandable, adding alternative text is a good choice. Therefore, in this post, we will introduce you 4 methods to achieve this task. Method 1: Format Picture Firstly, right click on the target picture and choose “Format Picture” on the contextual menu. Next, in “Format...

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3 Quick Ways to Remove the Overdue Appointments in Your Outlook

Perhaps you have many overdue appointments in your Outlook. In this article, we’ll share you 3 approaches to delete all the overdue appointments in quick time. In order to keep your PST data in small size and make your calendar neater and well organized, you’ll be required to remove those useless items in your Outlook, such as overdue appointments, namely the appointments scheduled before today. Outlook doesn’t provide a direct feature to identify such appointments and delete them in...

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3 Methods to Make Picture Well-Aligned with Text in Your Outlook Signature

To make your Outlook signature more attractive, you may tend to insert a picture. But you cannot edit the inserted picture in the Signature Editor. So this article will share you 3 ways to make the picture well-aligned with the text in signature. So as to make your emails more personalized, you can insert your own signature. Outlook signature editor permits you to create and design your signatures at will. But its only drawback is that it cannot allow you to adjust the inserted picture as...

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