5 Quick Ways to Split a Table in Your Word Document

In the following article, we will introduce you 5 quick and effective ways to split a table in your Word document.

Once in a while, you will meet the need to split a table into several for varying reasons, be it for privacy or teamwork. Anyway, you should know Word is totally capable of this operation and there is more than one way to complete the task.

For instance, we catalog our 5 methods into 2 categories.

Category 1: Split a Table Horizontally

Splitting a table in horizontal way is to separate it into several tables and leave them in vertical order. There are 2 methods under this category. Just read on.

Method 1: Use Table Tool

  1. Firstly, place your cursor at any cell in the row where a new table starts. For example, we here put cursor at row 4 column 1, right behind “DataNumen Word Repair”.
  2. Second, click “Layout” under “Table Tools”.
  3. Third, click “Split Table” in “Merge” group.Place Cursor Properly ->Click "Layout" ->Click "Split Table"

Now here is the result you will achieve:Split Table into 2 New Tables in Column

Method 2: Use Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Repeat step 1 in method 1.
  2. Then press “Ctrl+ Shift+ Enter”. And you shall get the exact result as in method 1.

Category 2: Split a Table Vertically

To split a table in vertical way means to break it into a couple of small tables and manage them in horizontal order. 3 methods are waiting for you in the bellowing text.

Method 1: Drag to Split a Table

  1. First thing is to put cursor below the target table and press “Enter” at least twice to get more than one paragraph mark. If you cannot see the paragraph mark, you should click a symbol in “Paragraph” group under “Home” tab. Once you click it, you can see all the hidden formatting symbols.Press "Enter" to Get at Least 2 Paragraph Marks
  2. Then select the area where should be a new table. We here will select the second column.
  3. Click and drag it to the second paragraph mark. Now the second column becomes table 2.Drag the Selected Area to Paragraph Mark
  4. Next click the plus sign on the upper-left of table 2 to select it.
  5. And drag and place it on the right side of table 1.Drag the New Table to Make it in Row with Table 1

Method 2: Remove Table Borders

  1. At first, place cursor anywhere in a row where a new table goes.
  2. Then right click.
  3. Choose “Insert” on list-menu.
  4. Now you have two options. You can choose either “Insert Columns to the Left” or “Insert Columns to the Right”.Place Cursor Properly ->Right Click ->Choose Either "Insert Columns to the Left" or "Insert Columns to the Right"
  5. When finish step 4 you will get a new column in highlight. Right click.
  6. Then choose “Borders and Shading” to open the same-name dialog box.Right Click on the New Column ->Choose "Borders and Shading"
  7. Click “All” under “Borders” option first.
  8. Then in “Preview” area, click the left three buttons to remove the “Top Border”, “Inside Horizontal Border” and “Bottom Border”.
  9. Finally, click “OK”.Click "All"  ->Click to Remove Useless Borders ->Click"OK"Effect of Removing Useless Borders

Method 3: Erase Table Borders

  1. At first, repeat first 4 steps in “Method 2: Remove Table Borders”.
  2. Then click “Design” under “Table Tools”.
  3. Next click “Eraser” in “Draw Borders” group.Click "Design" ->Click "Eraser"
  4. Now your cursor will turn into an eraser shape. Just click the borders which you don’t need.
  5. Finally click “Eraser” again to exit the mode.

Here is what you will have:Effect of Erasing Table Borders

Comparison of 3 Methods in Category 2

Methods Advantages Disadvantages
Drag to Split a Table You can drag a part of a table and make it a new one directly. 1.         You have to drag the new table to another place before put it in row with the other one.

2.         You have to make sure you press “Enter” twice at least or the new table will join the other one.

Remove Table Borders The two or more tables you get will be in row with each other. 1.         You have to remove table borders.

2.         You cannot move new tables.

Erase Table Borders 1.         The two or more tables you get will be in row with each other.

2.         The effect of erasing borders is better.

1.         You have to remove table borders.

2.         You cannot move new tables.


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