3 Effective Ways to Align and Anchor Texts in Your Word Document

In this article, we have 3 effective ways available not only enabling you to align but anchor texts in a certain place in your Word document.

Every time we create a Word document, we don’t just pile up words, but have to take care of the file format. And one thing is to align texts, be it to left, center, or right. You could possibly use it when create a table of content, a resume, or a questionnaire. Then here is a question: how can you align texts and make them stay at a position?

Some of you may jump to the idea of pressing the “Blank” key. Unfortunately, if you align texts in this way, once you add some more texts, the format changes.

You can view in the bellowing video:


So, to tackle this trick issue, you can try out the 3 methods in the following texts. And we will take aligning texts left as an example.

Method 1: Use a Table

  1. Firstly, add commas between 2 columns. Below is an example:Add Comma between 2 Column Texts
  2. Then select the texts.
  3. Next click “Insert” tab.
  4. And click “Table”.
  5. Continue to click “Insert Table” option on the list-menu.Select Text ->Click "Insert" ->Click "Table" ->Click "Insert Table"
  6. Now you have converted texts to a table.Convert Text to Table

Click the plus sign on the left corner of the table to select it.

  1. Click “Home” tab again.
  2. Then click “Align Texts Left” option in “Paragraph” group.Select Table ->Click "Home" ->Click "Align Text Left"
  3. Next thing is to remove the table borders. So make sure the table is selected and right click.
  4. Then choose “Borders and Shading” to open the same-name dialog box.Select Table ->Right Click ->Choose "Borders and Shading"
  5. Click “None” in “Setting”.
  6. Then click “OK” to save the change.Choose "None" in Setting ->Click "OK"Effect of Removing Table Borders

You may check this video to see the whole operation:

Method 2: Use Tab Stop

  1. Firstly, you need to show the ruler at the top of your document. So click “View” tab.
  2. Then check “Ruler” box in “Show” group.Click "View" ->Click "Ruler" to Show It
  3. Next select the texts.
  4. Then click on the ruler to add a tab stop. The tab stop is a sign of “L” shape. When you click on the tab stop, you can see a vertical dotted line, that’s where your texts will align.Select Text ->Click on "Ruler"
  5. Now place your cursor before the second column texts in the first row. In our example, we put cursor before the word “birthday”.
  6. Then press “Tab” key. The texts will automatically jump to the position where it’s in the same vertical line with the previous tab stop.
  7. Repeat step 5 and step 6 to set other rows of texts.
  8. In case you want to have other types of alignment, you can double click the tab stop to open the “Tabs” dialog box. There you can choose alignment and other settings.

You can check this video:

Method 3: Put Texts in Multiple Columns

  1. First thing, select the texts you need to align.
  2. Then, click “Page Layout” tab.
  3. Next, click “Columns” in “Page Setup” group.
  4. And on the list-menu, choose the number of columns you want to split, such as “Two”Select Text ->Click "Page Layout" ->Click "Columns" ->Choose a Numnber
  5. Now you have put texts in 2 columns. Then place your cursor properly and press “Enter” key to put your texts in rows in each column.Place Cursor Properly ->Press "Enter"

Here is what you will achieve:Text in 2 Columns


Methods Advantages Disadvantages
Use a Table 1.         You don’t have to press “Enter” to adjust texts order like in method 3.

2.         You can align multiple rows of texts at one time.

1.         You have to convert texts into table first.

2.         You have to remove table borders.

Use Tab Stop 1.         It’s the quickest way to align texts.

2.         You don’t have to press “Enter” to adjust texts order like in method 3.

1.         You have to show “Ruler” first.

2.         You have to press “Tab” for multiple times to align all the texts.

Put Texts in Multiple Columns 1.         Quickly align and anchor multiple texts. 1.         You have to press “Enter” to adjust text positions.

2.         If the inputted text size <= a single line, then the anchored texts will not move. Otherwise, the texts will move.

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