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5 Ways to Convert URL Texts to Hyperlinks in Your Word Document

In this article, we are excited to show you 5 ways to convert URL texts to hyperlinks in your Word document. By default, when we enter an Internet path in Word document, it automatically changes into a clickable one. However, things are different if we paste these paths to a document, for they will not turn to hyperlink form. Therefore, our article today is to show you 5 ways to do so. Method 1: Insert Hyperlink Manually Firstly, select an Internet path then click “Insert” tab. ...

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How to Use Outlook VBA to Prevent Moving Appointment to an Incorrect Calendar Date by Mistake

Many users complain that they always drag and move appointments to another date by mistake. This article will look at this issue and offer you a quick method to prevent moving an appointment to an incorrect date  via Outlook VBA. In Outlook, the default view for Calendar folders is “Calendar” view. In this view, you are permitted to move the appointments from the original date to another date simply via dragging. To be honest, it is indeed helpful in many cases. But it is inevitable...

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How to Auto Apply a Specific Template When Replying to a Specific Person in Outlook

Outlook has no native feature to automatically use a specific message template to reply to the emails from a specific sender. Thus, if you would like to do this, you can refer to the method introduced in this article, which is resorting to Outlook VBA. Outlook permits you to create and design custom message templates. However, when you need to apply a template, the only is to select and open it from “Choose Form” dialog box. Apparently, it is considerably inconvenient. Also, by this...

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