2 Methods to Link Tasks with an Appointment in Outlook

Many users have the wish to link several tasks with an appointment in Outlook. In this article, we will focus on this issue and introduce 2 approaches.

Sometimes, we indeed hope to associate task with appointment in Outlook. For example, we have an important appointment in our Outlook calendar. Before the appointment, we need to do some additional preparations. So we create several individual tasks for this appointment. At this point, we must wish to link these items. In response to this issue, here are two methods.

Method 1: Link Tasks with an Appointment via “Insert Outlook Items”

  1. To begin with, start Outlook and go to Task pane.
  2. Then in the correct task folder, you ought to create several separate tasks. It will look like the following screenshot:Create Several New Tasks
  3. After that, turn to Outlook calendar pane and click on “New Appointment”.
  4. In the new appointment window, you can compose the appointment as usual, such as subject, location, body and so on.
  5. After finishing filling in the concrete appointment info, you should switch to “Insert” tab and press “Outlook Items” button in “Include” group.
  6. Next in the new dialog box of “Insert Item”, you should take the steps below:
  • Firstly browse to and pitch on the source task folder.
  • And then select the target tasks from the following task list.
  • Next ensure insert as “Attachment”.
  • Lastly click “OK” button.Link Tasks with an Appointment via “Insert Outlook Items”
  1. Finally you will see that the tasks are inserted in the appointment body. You can hit “Save & Close” button to activate the new appointment.Save & Close the Appointment

Method 2: Link Tasks with an Appointment by Means of OneNote

  1. For a start, open the source appointment in its own window.
  2. In the appointment window, click on the “OneNote” button in “Actions” group under the “Event” tab.OneNote Button on Event Tab
  3. Then a new dialog box of “Select Location in OneNote”, you should choose a location to put the appointment, such as “General”. And click “OK”.Select a Location in OneNote to Put the Apppointment
  4. After that, you will get into OneNote app with a new page, in which you can see the appointment information. Now you should input the information of separate tasks, like the following screenshot:Input the Task Info
  5. Now you should place the cursor in front of the task item or paragraph which you wish to convert into Outlook task, shown as the picture below:Put Cursor in front of the Item
  6. Next click on the “Outlook Tasks” button in the ribbon and select when you hope the task will be due. You will see that the corresponding flag will be added in front of the item or paragraph.Add Selected Paragraphs to Outlook Tasks
  7. After adding the flags, you can close OneNote window and return to Outlook.
  8. In Outlook Task folder, you will see the tasks created in OneNote. And each task has an OneNote attachment in the body. When you double click on it, the previous OneNote page will open, which contains the appointment info.New Tasks Created from OneNote

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