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3 Methods to Print Your Word Document without Header and Footer

There are ways to remove header and footer while printing documents. In today’s article, we will introduce you 3 methods to print your Word document without header and footer. A lot of Word documents have header and footer inserted. It’s not a big deal when they are on screen. However, if you want to print only the document texts instead of all contents including header and footer, you must come out a way to remove them. And there are 3 methods we can offer. Method 1: Remove Header...

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3 Quick Ways to Select All Footnotes in Your Word Document

In this article, our focus is to show you 3 quick ways to select all footnotes at once in your Word document. Now let’s take a look at the reasons of selecting all footnotes: Format all footnotes. It’s necessary to set all footnotes in the same formatting to make a document appear more professional. Create a reference list or bibliography. Sometimes, we prefer to create a reference list or bibliography based on existing footnotes. Then we would need to select and even export them...

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How to Quickly Open a Specific Word Document or Excel Workbook in Outlook via VBA

Perhaps when you compose emails, you may frequently need to refer to specific files which are stored in your local hard disk, like a word document or a excel workbook. So this article will teach you to quickly open specific files from Outlook via VBA. Are you often required to check or refer to specific files when you deal with your emails in Outlook? For instance, your company has set many rules for the emails which are sent to our clients and the rules are listed in a specific Word...

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