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How to Batch Close a Specific Type of Open Items in Your Outlook

If you have opened a lot of all kinds of items in your Outlook, such as tasks, contacts, appointments and emails, etc., when you feel it messy, you may wish to quickly close a specific type of items. This article will help you achieve this function with ease. When you keep too many items opened in Outlook meanwhile, you may find that Outlook cannot perform as smoothly or fast as normal. In this case, you may wish to close some items. My previous articles "How to Quickly Close All Open Items...

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How to Auto Remove the Outlook Meeting Reminders If You’re an Optional Attendee

Have you ever received the meetings if you are simply an optional attendee? In face of such meetings, you may wish Outlook to remove their reminders. This post will introduce a method to realize it. If you are using Outlook in a business environment, you may have used Outlook "Meeting" feature. At times, you may receive the meetings in which you are only an optional recipient, which means that you are not the required and most vital attendee. Hence, you're unwilling to be reminded of...

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How to Auto Insert & Update Countdown Days in Outlook Tasks’ Subjects

Some users are eager to auto insert and update countdown days in tasks' subjects. So, in this article, we will introduce an intelligent approach to get it. When you open a task, you will definitely see the "Due in XX days" screen tip in the header. Nevertheless, since you are used to checking task directly in the list, you may hope to see such countdown tip straightly in the task subject. Therefore, in the followings, we'll share a smart way to auto insert and update countdown days in tasks'...

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