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9 Useful Ways to Fix “The server is not available” Error (0x8004011D) in Outlook Send/Receive Progress

At times you might receive an error "The server is not available" with error code 0x8004011D in Outlook while sending or receiving emails. We offer here, 9 useful ways to resolve the issue in a quick time. For those of us who have been working with the MS Outlook email client for several years, encountering error messages is not a rare occurrence. Outlook has a rather uncanny knack for throwing up error messages when we never expect them. One such error message is “The server is not...

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7 Solutions to Fix Outlook Kernelbase.dll Crash Error

In some cases, while launching the Outlook application or opening an email you may encounter a Kernelbase.dll error message. In this article, we will attempt to understand the error and offer seven different ways to resolve it. With an illustrious history running into decades, the MS Outlook email client hardly requires an introduction to professional and corporate users. This preeminent mailing solution has over time metamorphosed into a wholesome collaboration tool used today from setting...

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9 Useful Ways to Fix Error “Cannot open your default e-mail folders. The information store could not be opened.” in Outlook

In some cases, while you are using the MS Outlook email client, you may receive a bewildering error message that mentions that it cannot open your default email folders. In this article, we offer you nine ways to resolve this issue and get Outlook up and running again. When it comes to its feature set and overall ease of use the MS Outlook application stands head and shoulders above its peers. In the desktop email client market, it reigns supreme and with no other contender even near to its...

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