10 Best Free Outlook Training Courses (2024)

1. Introduction

Microsoft Outlook is more than just an email client. It is a robust clustering of communicative functionalities that can optimize your professional life, once you fully grasp its potential. If you are looking to acquire or upgrade your proficiency level, then taking a free Outlook training course can be a game changer. Yet, with a sea of options available, finding the right fit for your needs can be daunting. As a MS Outlook expert and professional writer, I have carefully compared the top free Outlook training courses to help you make an informed decision.Free Outlook Training Course Introduction

1.1 Importance of Free Outlook Training Course

Why should you consider taking a free Outlook training course? The answer is simple. Outlook can significantly improve your productivity, provided you know how to use it effectively. These free courses will hone your understanding of Outlook’s rich features like scheduling, task-tracking, contact management, and more. By mastering these tools, you can streamline a wealth of professional tasks right from your inbox.

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1.3 Objectives of this Comparison

The objective of this comparison is to provide you with an insightful overview of the best free training courses available for Outlook. For each course, a brief introduction highlighting the main focus areas, along with the pros and cons, is articulated. The aim is to make it easier for you to compare and identify a course that matches your learning pace, suits your schedule and meets your training goals. Now, let’s delve into overviews and evaluations of these training courses.

2. Microsoft Outlook 2010 revised 2018 by Microsoft via Alison

This course offers training on Microsoft Outlook 2010, with revisions updated in 2018 by Microsoft itself. It explores the sophisticated functionalities of the 2010 version, while integrating the enhancements and updates added till 2018. Learn how to effectively use email, calendars, tasks, and notes with this specially designed Microsoft-endorsed course.

As the course curriculum is structured by Microsoft, it gives an authentic understanding of the features and abilities of the Outlook 2010. This course is an excellent blend of comprehensive modules and interactive assessments to help you understand and practice the tools and techniques learned.Microsoft Outlook 2010 revised 2018 by Microsoft via Alison

2.1 Pros

  • Microsoft-authored Content: The course boasts Microsoft-certified content, ensuring a reliable and an up-to-date syllabus.
  • Comprehensive: The extensive curriculum covers all aspects of MS Outlook, from the basic to the more complex features.
  • Updated Information: Despite the focus on the 2010 version, updates till 2018 have been integrated into the training, making it relevant for more recent users.

2.2 Cons

  • Outdated Version: The main focus is on the 2010 version. As such, it may not cover all the functionalities available in the latest version.
  • Length: As a comprehensive course, it may be time-consuming for learners seeking to grasp the basics or specific features.

3. SimonSezIT Microsoft Outlook 2021 via Alison

This course is specifically directed towards the latest version of Microsoft Outlook, i.e. 2021. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and master the newest features available in MS Outlook, then this course designed by SimonSezIT should be your pick.

SimonSezIT Microsoft Outlook 2021 offers a detailed exploration of the functionalities in the most recent version of Outlook. It allows you to learn about email organisation, effective scheduling, task management and much more. With its straightforward and digestible style of presentation, complex functionalities become easy to understand, even for beginners.SimonSezIT Microsoft Outlook 2021 via Alison

3.1 Pros

  • Up-to-Date: This course covers the latest version of Microsoft Outlook, the 2021 version, thus keeping you abreast with the most recent updates.
  • Self-Paced: It’s a great fit for both beginners who are new to Outlook and experienced users seeking an update on the latest version’s features, as you can navigate the course content at your own pace.
  • Detailed Training: It offers in-depth training on the key features of MS Outlook, ensuring comprehensive understanding.

3.2 Cons

  • Too Focused: Being laser-focused on the 2021 version, it might not be ideal for learners seeking knowledge about older versions.
  • Detail Intensity: The heavy focus on detail might be overwhelming for those seeking to grasp just the basic functionalities.

4. Workforce Academy Partnership MS Outlook 2013 Basic via Alison

This foundational course is dedicated to Microsoft Outlook 2013. Facilitated by the Workforce Academy Partnership, it is tailored to help novices who desire to gain a basic understanding of this popular email and personal management software.

The Workforce Academy Partnership MS Outlook 2013 Basic is a stepping stone for people who are new to the Outlook environment. Aimed primarily at beginners, it explains the basic operations and functionalities of MS Outlook 2013. This course lays the groundwork for understanding email setup, contact management, calendar scheduling, and task organisation in Outlook.Workforce Academy Partnership MS Outlook 2013 Basic via Alison

4.1 Pros

  • Beginner-Friendly: The curriculum is designed in a beginner-friendly manner, focusing on the essential, basic features of MS Outlook.
  • Easy Pace: Users can learn and practice at their own pace, removing the pressure of immediate mastery.
  • Fundamental Learning: This course focuses on imparting foundational knowledge about MS Outlook, making it an ideal starting point for novices.

4.2 Cons

  • Outdated Version: This course is based on the 2013 edition of MS Outlook. Users seeking familiarity with recent versions may not find it as useful.
  • Basic Coverage: As a basic course, it may not cater to the needs of advanced users or those seeking in-depth knowledge about specific features.

5. SimonSezIT Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2019 via Alison

This course serves as an introductory guide to Microsoft Outlook 2019. If you’re getting started with this version of Outlook or want to update your skills from a previous version, this course offered by SimonSezIT provides the training you need.

The SimonSezIT Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2019 is a well-rounded course, designed to equip learners with a practical understanding of Outlook 2019 features. From setting up emails to managing appointments and tasks, this course provides detailed walkthroughs and instructions to maximize efficiency and productivity.SimonSezIT Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2019 via Alison

5.1 Pros

  • In-Depth Training: This course offers extensive training on the use of Outlook 2019, ensuring learners build a strong base.
  • Practical Exercises: Includes practical exercises for hands-on learning, reinforcing the concepts learnt in the course.
  • Paced Learning: Provides learners the ability to progress at their own pace, without the need for strict timelines.

5.2 Cons

  • Specific Version: Focuses only on the 2019 version, hence may not meet the learning needs of users who rely on different editions of Outlook.
  • Detailed Focus: The heavy detail-based approach, while beneficial to some, may overwhelm users who are looking for a quick overview of the suite’s basic functions.

6. Noble Desktop Free Microsoft Outlook Resources & Tutorials

If you prefer a flexible study approach with a variety of learning materials at your disposal, the Noble Desktop’s trove of free Microsoft Outlook resources and tutorials could be your perfect fit.

Noble Desktop offers an extensive collection of free resources and tutorials for Microsoft Outlook. The material is organized in modules, allowing users to select and study specific topics. Everything from basic email organisation to complex task scheduling is covered, allowing a customised learning journey.Noble Desktop Free Microsoft Outlook Resources & Tutorials

6.1 Pros

  • Extensive Collection: Users have access to a wide range of resources, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the software.
  • Flexible Learning: Users can select specific topics to study, allowing a flexible and personalised learning experience.
  • Free Access: All resources and tutorials are freely accessible, making this a budget-friendly learning option.

6.2 Cons

  • Lack of Structure: With no prescribed learning path, it may seem overwhelming for beginners to decide where to start.
  • No Hands-On Training: Real-time experiential learning or assignments, that are critical for mastery, may be missing.

7. Jan Ekhteyari A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Outlook via Alison

Learners just stepping into the world of Microsoft Outlook can find comfort in this beginner’s guide curated by Jan Ekhteyari. Tailored to newcomers, the course simplifies the core functionalities of Outlook, providing an easy-to-understand start.

Jan Ekhteyari’s A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Outlook provides a step-by-step guide to getting started with Outlook. Covering fundamental features like email setup, contact management, and calendar organisation, the course offers a handy kick-start for newcomers. It is designed to ease beginners into Outlook’s interface and functionalities, thus lowering the learning curve.Jan Ekhteyari A Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Outlook via Alison

7.1 Pros

  • Beginner-Oriented: Designed specifically for beginners, the course simplifies complex features, making learning easier and more efficient.
  • Foundation Building: The course focuses on building a strong foundation that can then be built upon with advanced learning.
  • Easy Language: The course uses easy-to-understand language to explain functions and features, helping beginners get accustomed to techno-jargon.

7.2 Cons

  • Basic Level: The course may seem too basic for users already familiar with Outlook or those seeking advanced knowledge.
  • Limited Scope: It doesn’t cover the vast range of Outlook’s capabilities, focusing only on the basic features and functionalities.

8. The Complete Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2013 via Udemy

If you’re looking for comprehensive coverage of Microsoft Outlook 2013, this course offered by Udemy provides a complete guide. It breaks down the complex world of Outlook 2013 into understandable and digestible segments.

The Complete Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2013 is a thorough course that delves into all aspects of the 2013 version of Outlook. It’s designed to turn you from a novice into a proficient user, enabling you to organize your work and improve productivity effectively. Compact lessons, comprehensive explanations, and practical exercises make this course an enriching learning experience.The Complete Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2013 via Udemy

8.1 Pros

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This course covers everything you need to know about Outlook 2013, providing an all-inclusive guide.
  • Practical Exercises: Included practical exercises provide hands-on experience enhancing understanding and retention.
  • User-Friendly: The complete guide is structured in a user-friendly style to facilitate easy comprehension and application.

8.2 Cons

  • Specific to 2013 Version: Anyone attempting to learn about the newest versions of MS Outlook might not find this course sufficiently helpful.
  • Lengthy Course: Detailed and comprehensive coverage can make the course lengthy and time-consuming for some learners.

9. Super Simple Outlook 2013 for Beginners (micro course) via Udemy

If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly, quick course on Microsoft Outlook 2013, have a look at the Super Simple Outlook 2013 for Beginners, offered on Udemy. The course breaks down the complex process of Outlook in a digestible, easy-to-follow manner.

This micro-course is designed to maximise efficiency, cutting out any non-essential content. It is perfect for beginners who need to quickly understand and start using Outlook 2013 without getting too entangled in the complex features. With a focus on the simplest ways to carry out common tasks, this course makes mastering Outlook 2013 truly super simple.Super Simple Outlook 2013 for Beginners (micro course) via Udemy

9.1 Pros

  • Quick Learning: This micro course enables learners to grasp the basics of Outlook 2013 quickly and efficiently.
  • Beginner-Friendly: The course is designed for beginners with simple instructions, making it easy to follow.
  • Focus on Key Skills: It focuses on the key skills needed to start using Outlook 2013 effectively, without overwhelming with too many details.

9.2 Cons

  • Limited Scope: The course, while perfect for beginners, might not be sufficient for advanced learners or those wanting a deep understanding of Outlook 2013.
  • Outdated Version: Since the course focuses on Outlook 2013, users needing knowledge of newer versions may find the content outdated.

10. Get Started with Mail and Calendar Applications: Outlook – SkillUp EdTech via Coursera

Are you looking to master email and calendar management using Outlook? Try the ‘Get Started with Mail and Calendar Applications: Outlook’ course provided by SkillUp EdTech on Coursera.

This course is designed to help learners get started with managing emails and calendar applications using Microsoft Outlook. It offers clear and concise training on how to use the key features for effective email handling and calendar management. Whether you are a professional aiming to enhance productivity or a beginner looking to get the hang of Outlook, this course has got you covered.Get Started with Mail and Calendar Applications: Outlook - SkillUp EdTech via Coursera

10.1 Pros

  • Specialized Focus: This course focuses on two key aspects of Outlook – email and calendar, making it great for individuals looking to master these specific features.
  • Paced Learning: You can progress at your own pace, making it a comfortable learning experience.
  • Practical Approach: The course emphasizes on practical application, ensuring that the concepts learnt are readily usable.

10.2 Cons

  • Limited Coverage: The course, while thorough in email and calendar applications, does not provide a comprehensive overview of all Outlook features.
  • Limited Interaction: Being a self-guided course, there may be limited opportunities for live interaction or real-time query resolution.

11. Outlook 2021 Advanced Tutorial – Learnit Training via YouTube

For learners who want to go beyond the basics and explore advanced features of Microsoft Outlook 2021, the Advanced Tutorial by Learnit Training offers an engaging and in-depth study path.

This course, available on YouTube, delves into the advanced features and functionalities of Outlook 2021. It provides learners with tutorial videos that explore how to optimize the use of emailing, scheduling, task tracking and more. It’s a great option for those wishing to gain an advanced understanding of Outlook 2021.Outlook 2021 Advanced Tutorial - Learnit Training via YouTube

11.1 Pros

  • Advanced Learning: The course focuses on advanced features, going beyond the basics to provide learners with comprehensive Outlook skills.
  • Visual Learning: The use of video tutorials enhances understanding, making concepts more clear and digestible.
  • Free Access: Being available on YouTube, the course is freely accessible, removing any cost barriers.

11.2 Cons

  • Internet Reliance: Being a YouTube course, continuous internet access is required, which may not be feasible for everyone.
  • Limited Interaction: As the course is pre-recorded, there is limited opportunity for immediate query resolution or real-time instructional support.

12. Summary

In this review, we have walked through diverse free Outlook training courses, each with its unique selling points and certain limitations. Now, it is time for an overarching recap and recommendations to help you choose what best suits your learning needs.

12.1 Overall Comparison Table

Course Contents
Microsoft Outlook 2010 revised 2018 by Microsoft via Alison Offers comprehensive training on MS Outlook 2010, incorporates updates until 2018. Ideal for learners looking to master Outlook 2010
SimonSezIT Microsoft Outlook 2021 via Alison Provides training on the most recent MS Outlook version, perfect for those looking to stay updated with the latest changes
Workforce Academy Partnership MS Outlook 2013 Basic via Alison A beginner-friendly course that covers the essentials of Outlook 2013 – excellent starter course for novices
SimonSezIT Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2019 via Alison Provides a detailed walkthrough of Outlook 2019 functionalities – suitable for beginners and updated users alike.
Noble Desktop Free Microsoft Outlook Resources & Tutorials Offers a vast collection of resources and tutorials on Outlook, allowing for a flexible and custom learning experience
Jan Ekhteyari A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Outlook via Alison A beginner-friendly course that simplifies Outlook’s intricacies, perfect stepping stone for beginners
The Complete Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2013 via Udemy A comprehensive course that covers all aspects of Outlook 2013, useful for learners wanting to gain an in-depth understanding of the 2013 version
Super Simple Outlook 2013 for Beginners (micro course) via Udemy A quick and straightforward guide for beginners to master Outlook 2013, ideal for quick learning
Get Started with Mail and Calendar Applications: Outlook – SkillUp EdTech via Coursera Focuses on mastering mail and calendar management on Outlook, excellent choice for learning these specific applications
Outlook 2021 Advanced Tutorial – Learnit Training via YouTube Free YouTube course offering in-depth learning of advanced Outlook 2021 features – perfect for users seeking advanced knowledge

12.2 Recommended Course Based on Various Needs

Although the choice of course depends predominantly on individual preferences and requirements, specific recommendations can be made:

For beginners and novices, going with ‘Workforce Academy Partnership MS Outlook 2013 Basic’ or ‘Jan Ekhteyari A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Outlook’ would be advisable.

For those seeking an understanding of the latest MS Outlook, ‘SimonSezIT Microsoft Outlook 2021’ would be a perfect fit.

For individuals wanting to learn advanced features of Outlook, ‘Outlook 2021 Advanced Tutorial – Learnit Training’ would be ideal.

And for flexible and self-paced learners, ‘Noble Desktop Free Microsoft Outlook Resources & Tutorials’ would best cater to their learning style.

13. Conclusion

13.1 Final Thoughts and Takeaways for Choosing a Free Outlook Training Course

Choosing the right Outlook training course can vastly impact how effectively you can manage your professional communications, scheduling and tasks. Each of these free courses offers a unique approach to learning, catering to different proficiency levels, interests and learning styles.Choosing a Free Outlook Training Course

It’s important to decide what you aim to achieve from the course, whether it is mastering the basics, learning advanced features, or staying updated with the most recent Outlook version. Keeping your goals clear will navigate you towards the course that will serve you best.

When choosing a course, take note of your learning pace, available time commitment and the curriculum’s alignment with what you want to learn. Remember, the best course for you is the one that meets your individual needs effectively. With the knowledge gained from this comparison, you are well-equipped to make an informed choice.

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