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How to Auto Set the Reminders of Weekend Appointments on Previous Friday in Outlook

Many users hope that Outlook can reminds them of the appointments, which are scheduled on weekends, on previous Friday. Now, this article will share a method to achieve it. By default, the reminders for Outlook appointments are usually set to 15 minutes before the appointments. In this situation, if any appointments are scheduled on weekends, the reminder will alert you on weekends. However, as the time is out of your working hours, most of time, you may not see this reminder in time. Thus,...

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How to Quickly Archive All Overdue Appointments and Tasks in Your Outlook

Outlook doesn’t provide a direct feature for archiving all overdue appointments and tasks rapidly. Thus, in this article, we will tell you how to programmatically achieve it. By default, to archive items, you can use the two functions in Outlook – “Archive” and “Auto Archive”. However, by either means, if you would like to archive all the overdue appointments and tasks, you have to first find out such items and move them to a specific folder, and lastly archive the whole folder....

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How to Auto Print the First Page of Important Incoming Emails in Your Outlook

Some users would like to let Outlook auto print the important incoming emails. Also, if such an email is too long, for not wasting papers, Outlook will only print the first page. Now, in this article, we will expose how to realize it programmatically. To manually print the first page of a mail is pretty easy. You can just change the print options before printing. However, if you hope that Outlook can auto identify the length of email and auto print the first page of a very long email, you...

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