Data Recovery

How to Prevent Permanent Data Loss in Physical Hard Drive Failure

A physical hard drive failure, when your hard drive is no longer able to boot up properly, can lead to data loss if you don’t act quickly. It is important to have regular backups made of your files in order to ensure that data loss due to a physical hard drive failure does not become permanent. A hard drive crash occurs when your computer or laptops hard disk can no longer function properly. Sometimes this occurs because of a physical hard drive failure. A physical hard drive...

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How to Prevent Logical Hard Drive Failure

A logical hard drive failure prevents you from accessing your files and folders. To ensure that the data loss caused by a logical hard drive failure doesn’t become permanent, it is important to have data recovery programs and backup programs installed. There are two types of hard drive crashes, physical hard drive failure and logical hard drive failures. A physical hard drive failure occurs when your hard drive is damaged and your system cannot boot up. This is a mechanical issue....

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Can PST Files Get Corrupted? What to Do If You Suspect Your PST File is Corrupted?

To free up storage space on your mail server, Microsoft Outlook stores some important information in what are known as personal storage table. These files are stored in your computer and allow you to access the data even if your offline. Unfortunately, they can easily get corrupted. Microsoft Office saves space on your mail server by creating PST files that store copies of downloaded messages, calendar events, and contacts lists and allows you to access them even without connecting to the...

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