Data Recovery

5 Common Reasons for Corruption of Word Documents

Whether you're a student, a writer, or any other modern day professional, you have at one point required word documents. It is therefore disheartening to learn that word documents are in constant danger of corruption or complete loss. Below, we discuss some of the common situations that would lead to this. Imagine working on a 200-page work report for several weeks. On the day you're supposed to submit it, you try to open it for last-minute additions and to your surprise, an error message...

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3 Easy Ways to Recover SQL Server Database Files

Database professionals play a huge role in different organizations, and they depend on database software to create and manage queries on a daily basis. One of the most widely used database softwares is SQL Server Management Studio. As a result of one of several causes, you could lose your SQL files. Below, we look at fast and easy ways to recover the data. Imagine working on a query on SSMS and all of a sudden there is a power outage. It gets worse, when you start SSMS later, you find that...

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3 Best Practices When Recovering SQL Server Databases

Databases come in handy when managing an enormous collection of data. Unfortunately, computer damage and other instances can cause the loss of this important data. This article examines the best practices for ensuring fast and efficient recovery of corrupt SQL server MSDB databases. Recovering corrupted SQL Server MSDB databases can be a daunting task, especially if there is no backup. In such a scenario, the chances of data loss are very high. While there may be remedies for salvaging MSDB...

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