Data Recovery

5 Reasons Why DataNumen SQL Recovery is Your Best Tool for Recovering SQL Server Database

This post discusses the important aspects to look for in an SQL Server Database recovery tool and shows why the DataNumen’s SQL recovery tool ticks all the boxes. When choosing a recovery tool for your damaged MDF files, one of the biggest challenges you’ll be faced with is determining how your software of choice compares with others in the market. This is because there are lots of database recovery tools in the market and every vendor fronts their product as the best. However, a...

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Why You Should Know How to Recover Data

Data recovery is an important part of today's computing industry. With more files leaving the cabinet and going paperless, the demand and importance of data is at an all-time high. Data is sometimes corrupted and cannot serve the purpose it was intended to. In this article, we look at reasons why you need to know how to recover data. You have probably never thought about data recovery as one of the basic computer skills you require, and it might come as a surprise to you that your data is...

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Why You Need to Know How to Recover Excel Files

Many people the world over depend on electronic spreadsheets to maintain their personal or institutional records. One of the most widely used spreadsheet programs is Microsoft Excel. A sub-product of the Microsoft office franchise, Excel workbooks are common in homes, schools and small businesses. In this article, we are going to look at reasons why you need to know how to recover Excel workbooks. Excel has succeeded in surpassing Lotus1-2-3 to become the industry standard for...

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