Data Recovery

3 Messages that Mean You Have Data Loss Problems – And 3 Programs That Can Help

Data loss doesn’t “just happen”. Your computer will not just stop working or your drive will not become inaccessible “out of nowhere”. There are warning signs that something is going wrong that can cause permanent data loss. Knowing these signs and acting quickly can ensure that data loss is just temporary. If there is something wrong with your hard drive or the software installed on your computer, you could end up suffering from data loss. Luckily, there are warning signs in...

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How to Recover Corrupted Microsoft Access Databases

Microsoft Access Databases are used to analyze and manage large amounts of data from other programs such as Microsoft Excel. Because they contain so much crucial data that can be hard to recreate, you want to make sure that you can quickly fix corrupted Access databases. One of the main reasons that businesses like to use Microsoft Access is because it allows them to easily analyze large amounts of data and manage related data in a way that is more efficient than it would be if they used...

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How to Fix a Corrupted BKF File

One very important computing rule to follow is to create regular backups of your data. Microsoft allows users to create backups with their Windows Backup Utility. However, like many other types of file formats, backup files can be corrupted. The Microsoft Windows operating system is one of the most prolific operating systems in the world. Computers are a mainstay in many homes and businesses, everyone has access to at least one or maybe two daily and most of the time, they run on...

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