How to Quickly Create an Outlook Search Folder for All Emails BCC’d to You

In order to quickly check the Outlook emails BCC’d to you, you can create a search folder for such emails. This article will teach you how to get it step by step.

When you try to create a new search folder, you can find that Outlook provides an existing search folder template called “Mail sent directly to me”. It can permit you to create a search folder for the emails “To” or “CC’d” to you. Yet, if you would like to create a search folder for the emails “BCC’d to” you, you can follow the steps below to get it in quick time.

Create an Outlook Search Folder for All Emails BCC’d to You

  1. At first, according to the Step 1 in the article – “2 Steps to Create an Outlook Search Folder with “OR” instead of “AND” Criteria for Multiple Conditions“, enable “Query Builder” for Outlook.
  2. Then, start your Outlook program.
  3. In the mail navigation pane, right click “Search Folders”.
  4. From the context menu, select “New Search Folder”.
  5. Next, in the popup dialog box, select “Create a Custom Search Folder” and hit “Choose” button.Create a Custom Search Folder
  6. After that, in the “Custom Search Folder” dialog, input a name for this folder and click “Criteria” button.Enter Search Folder Name
  7. In the subsequent “Search Folder Criteria”, shift to “Query Builder” tab.
  8. Then, type “To” in the “Field” box, select “doesn’t contain” in “Condition” and input your own email address in the “Value” box and lastly click “Add to List”, like the following figure.Add Search Folder Criteria
  9. Next, use the same way to add the following 3 filters.
  • “To” > “doesn’t contain” > “your mailbox username”;
  • “CC” > “doesn’t contain” > “your email address”;
  • “CC” > “doesn’t contain” > “your mailbox username”.
  1. Later, make sure the “Logical Group” is “AND” and then click “OK”.Ensure "Logical Group" Is "AND"
  2. After returning to “Custom Search Folder” dialog box, click “Browse” button.
  3. In the “Select Folder(s)”, choose the folders to be searched for emails BCC’d to you.Selected Folders
  4. Eventually, click a series of “OK” to complete search folder setup.
  5. Since then, all the emails not directly sent to you, namely BCC’d to you, will be collected here.New Search Folder for Emails BCC'd to You

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