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5 Methods to Quickly Apply the Fill Color of a Table Cell to the Whole Row, Column or Table

In this article, we will offer you five methods to quickly apply the fill color of a table cell to the whole row, column or table. You might notice that when you do copy in a table cell in Word, you get only the cell content but never the fill color. Therefore, we want to show you five workarounds to address this issue.     Method 1: Manually Get the RGB Value of Table Cell First of all, select the cell whose fill color you need to get. Next click “Design” tab. Find the...

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How to Learn Word Tip Every Day by Adding a “Tip of the Day” Feature in Your Word

In this article, we will show you the way to add a “Tip of the Day” feature in Word to learn new Word skills every day. Since Word is so closely related to our working, it would be such a great help to learn some tips of it as to improve efficiency. Therefore, we want to show you the method to add a “Tip of the Day” feature in your Word, so you can learn some new stuff every time you start Word. To do so, we suggest you to find some Word tips you might be interested and put them...

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How to Make a Percentage Calculator in Your Word via VBA

In this post, there are detailed steps for you to make a percentage calculator in your Word with the use of VBA editor. A Word document can contains a lot of numbers, such as a sale report. Then you may find it such a headache to deal with percentage calculation. Therefore, we want to offer you the way to build a percentage calculator by yourself in Word.        Insert a User Form Firstly, trigger VBA editor in Word with “Alt+ F11”. Then click “Insert” and select...

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