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5 Ways to Quickly Insert Page Breaks into Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to offer you 5 ways as to quickly insert page breaks into your Word document. While drafting in Word, your text flows to next page as you type. As a matter of fact, Word has inserted an automatic page break to separate 2 pages. This happens only when the first page is filled up. This article will show you how to insert a manual page break to pin blocks of contents on different pages. It stops texts on 2 pages from merging even if you add to or delete contents...

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3 Quick Methods to Find Text in Your Word Tables Only

In this article, we are glad to show you 3 quick ways to find specific text in your Word tables only. Utilizing the “Find and Replace”, a built-in function in Word, you can search for and find a specific text in a long document. As you see, this is based on the entire document. How about we limit the searching range to Word tables only? Read on to see details. Method 1: Find Text in Selection First of all, manually select one or more tables in document. Then click drop-down...

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3 Fast Ways to Delete Blank Rows and Columns in Your Word Table

In this post, we will explain to you 3 fast ways to delete blank rows and columns in your Word table. Tables are essential to a document, especially in holding various types of data. Sometimes, a long table can exceed a page and extend over several. So once a table gets long and complicated, there are measures you can do to simplify it. For example, you can delete unnecessary blank rows and columns. Following are 3 methods you can use. Method 1: Delete Blank Rows and Columns...

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