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3 Quick Ways to Insert the Created or Last Modified Date into Your Word Document

In this post, we will pay attention to show you 3 quick ways to insert the created or last modified date into your Word document. Every time we create a document, it contains a lot of information, such as the created date and last modified date. These details keep us a good track of how we have been editing on the document. So today, we will show you methods to enable you to insert the created or last modified date into document. Note: Before all, once you finishing drafting document,...

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How to Add Birthday Reminders in Your Access Database

Learn how you can add birthday reminders to your Access database. Be informed if your client or employee’s birthday is coming up so you can send them your warm greeting. Sending birthday greetings can be a great way to connect and strengthen relationship with a client or employee. If you're handling an Access database containing customer/employee records, it can be great to be notified from time to time if a client's or employee's birthday is coming up. In this tutorial, you will learn...

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How to Quickly Duplicate Records in Your Access

Learn how you can create a VBA function that allows you to copy certain data from previous records with just a click of a button. No need to repeatedly type the same things. Have you ever had an experience where you need to enter a new record in Access that has exactly the same set of values with a previous record except for one field? It can be tiresome, right? This tutorial will teach you how you can create a function that with a click of a button, you can copy certain values of a...

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