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How to Convert Texts from Shaded to Highlighted and Vice Versa in Your Word Document

In this article, we will focus on showing you the way to convert texts from shaded to highlighted and vice versa in your Word document. Before starting our article, it’s necessary to understand the differences between shading and highlighting in Word. As for this, you can refer to one of our previous posts: 5 Methods to Remove Highlighting or Shading in Your Word Document Following contents tend to offer you several methods to convert texts from shaded to highlighted and vice versa in...

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3 Useful Tips to Manage Hyperlink Styles in Your Word Document

In this article, we plan to provide you with 3 useful tips as to manage hyperlink styles in your Word document. Whenever you insert a hyperlink into Word document, it takes default style that is the blue text with an underline. Since style is a big part in document, Word offers you ways to manage your preferred style. Today, we will focus on tips to handle hyperlink styles. Tip 1: Alter Default Hyperlink Style First of all, in “Styles” group under “Home” tab, click the arrow...

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How to Quickly Convert from English to Metric Length and Vice Versa via Word VBA

In this article, we are glad to show you how to quickly convert from English to metric length and vice versa via word VBA. Frequently convert between English units and metric ones can be tedious. That being said, we have no choice but to do conversion as required. So, our topic today will offer you the method to make a length converter in Word via VBA as to save your time.     Insert a User Form in VBA Project Firstly, press “Alt+ F11” to trigger VBA editor in Word. ...

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