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2 Smart Ways to Get Tasks of the Day in Your Word via VBA

In this article, we will demonstrate you 2 smart ways to quickly get all the tasks of the day in your Word via VBA. If you are the guy who prefer to make detailed schedule for work, then you will need the following tips to quickly get tasks of the day. In our times, we see information explosion everywhere. Similarly, we don’t think you need to open your memo and look through all tasks there. Instead, wouldn’t it be better to get just specific tasks that day? To achieve so, you ought...

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3 Smart Ways to Quickly Reopen Last Closed Word Document via VBA

In this article, we want to show you 3 quick ways to quickly reopen some last closed Word document via VBA. When surfing on the Internet via a browser, if you accidentally close a web page, you can easily get it back through a feature called “Reopen closed tab”. So is there such a feature which we can use in Word? Unfortunately, there is no built-in tool for this. But as always, we can make use of some macros to achieve desired result. Method 1: Reopen the Last Closed Document ...

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How to Quickly Search Selected Text on Google, Yahoo and Bing in Your Word Document

In today’s article, you will learn to quickly search selected text on Google, Yahoo and Bing in your Word document without triggering browser. Now and then, we will have to search for a lot of information online while drafting a document. In case you may feel it’s such a trouble to switch between browser window and Word document, we now offer you a way to search selected text in Word without triggering browser manually. The only things you need to do are select text and click a...

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