3 Quick Methods to Insert Special Symbols into Your Excel Cells

Special symbols can represent some special meanings. Therefore, in Excel, you will certainly need to insert some special symbols to assist your work.

In an Excel worksheet, you will certainly input a lot of data and information into it. Sometimes you will also need to use certain special symbols for remarks. Here we will introduce three effective methods to help you insert those special symbols.

Method 1: Special Symbols on the Keyboard

You will certainly use the keyboard to type the data and information. And there are some special symbols on the keyboard.Keyboard

The image shows an example of a keyboard. You can see in the red hollow rectangle, there are 8 different symbols. When you need to use any of the symbols, you can press the button “Shift” together with the corresponding button. Therefore, it will appear in the cell. This is very easy to use.

Method 2: Special Font

In this part, we will show you how to change the font to insert special symbols.

  1. Input the characters a-z into a range.
  2. And then input the uppercase A-Z into another range.
  3. After that, repeat the above steps for two times. And the worksheet will be like this:Characters
  4. Now change the font of the first two ranges into “Wingdings”.
  5. And then change the font of the second two ranges into “Wingdings 2”.
  6. After that, change font of the last two ranges into “Wingdings 3”.

When you change the font of those ranges, you will see that those characters will change into special symbols.Special Symbols

When you need to use one of the above symbols, you can input the corresponding character and use the certain font. There are total 156 different symbols that you can use.

Method 3: Symbol Feature in Excel

Except for the above two methods, you can also use the symbol features that built in Excel.

  1. Click a cell where you need to insert the symbol.
  2. And then click the tab “Insert” in the ribbon.
  3. After that, click the button “Symbol” in the toolbar.Symbols
  4. Therefore, you will see the “Symbol” window. In this window, choose the symbol that you need. You may spend a lot time to find your target.Symbol
  5. And then click the button “Insert”. Thus, this symbol will be inserted into the cell.

In this method, you can find many special symbols. You can find them according to the special classifications.

A Comparison of the Three Methods

In this part, we will show you the comparison of the above three methods.


Special Symbols on the Keyboard Special Font

Symbol Feature in Excel



This is the most ordinary method. Those most frequently used symbols can be easily inserted into cells. In this method, there are many interesting special symbols that you can use. There are many special symbols that you can use in the “Symbol” window.


There are only 8 symbols on the keyboard, which is far less that the number of the other two methods. It will be hard to remember the special character and the corresponding font. With so many classifications and special symbols, you will certainly spend a lot of time on finding your target.

The next time when you need to insert a special symbol, you will know which method you can use.

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