The Difference between Excel Built-in ROUND Function and VBA ROUND Function

Excel functions can help you a lot in your work. In this article, we will discuss about the difference between the built-in ROUND function and the VBA ROUND function.

You will certainly have used the ROUND function in your Excel. If you also use VBA to finish some tasks, you may also have used the ROUND function in codes. However, the built-in ROUND functions in worksheet and in VBA codes work differently. Below we will show you how they work differently.

Built-in ROUND Function

In this worksheet, you can see the sales volume of different sales representatives. The numbers are decimal numbers in the worksheet.Example

To calculate more conveniently, you need to round those numbers. And certainly you can use the ROUND function in Excel.

  1. Click a blank cell in the worksheet that you need to input the numbers. Here we will click cell C2.
  2. And then input the formula into the cell:


Here we will round numbers into integers.

  1. After that, double click the fill handle of the cell C2 and fill this formula for the whole column. The results are shown in the image below.

Worksheet Function

VBA ROUND Function

Sometimes using VBA can save you a lot of time and energy. Here you can use VBA to round numbers.

  1. Press the shortcut keys “Alt +F11” on the keyboard to open the Visual Basic editor.
  2. And then insert a new module into the editor.Insert Module
  3. Now you will use VBA macros. Here we will use this example:
Sub VBARoundFunction()
  Dim nRowIndex As Integer

  '  Round the numbers in the target range
  For nRowIndex = 2 To Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(Range("B:B"))
    Range("D" & nRowIndex) = Round(Range("B" & nRowIndex))
  Next nRowIndex
End Sub
  1. After that, run this macro. According to the macro, the result will be produced in column D.

If you see clearly of the results, you may find some differences. We will analyze the difference in the next part.

The Different Results

The image below show the differences of the built-in ROUND function and the VBA ROUND function.VBA Result

For the number in cell B5, the result of built-in function is “353”, while the result of the VBA function is “352”. In VBA, the ROUND function will always keep the result as an even number when the first number in the discarded numbers is 5. As for other numbers, it will work the same as the built-in function. Therefore, the result of cell B4 is 172 and the result of cell B5 is 352. They are both even numbers.

Now you have known the reason and the result of the two different ROUND functions. The next time when you need to use VBA macros, you need to pay special attention. In order to avoid the errors, you can use the built-in function in VBA codes.

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