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2 Methods to View All Embedded Animated Gif Images of an Outlook Email in Animated Form

By default, the animated gif images embedded in the Outlook email are static, not animated. If you want to view them in animated form, you can utilize either of the following 2 means. To embed animated gif images into email body, you can simply make use of “Insert Picture” feature in Outlook. However, you will discover that these embedded gif images are inactive, not animated. The same holds true for incoming emails. When you receive such an email that contains multiple gif images in...

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Why Data Recovery on SSD Is More Difficult than That on HDD?

Although solid state drive (SSD) has multiple advantages over traditional hard disk drive (HDD), recovering data from solid state drive is more difficult than hard disk drive. Now, in this article, we will discuss about this issue elaborately. More and more users prefer solid state drive (SSD) for both speed and reliability. More specifically, solid state drive uses flash memory to read and write data, so it can be much faster. Plus, as it has no moving components, it can be free of...

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