Email Recovery

Is It Possible to Move Hard Drive from an Old Computer to a New One?

For some reasons, many users would like to move the hard drive of an old computer to a new computer. However, they are worried about whether it is right or not. Now, in this article, we will discuss about this issue elaborately. It’s known that all the computer data are actually stored in its internal hard drive, no matter the computer system data or common files, etc. It means that if the drive fails, all the PC data will be susceptible to get corrupt, like damaged Outlook file. Thus,...

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6 Ways to Keep the Original Email Attachments when Replying in Outlook

Many users hope to configure their Outlook to keep the original email attachments when replying an email. This article will expose 5 workarounds as well as a smart way, which is using VBA to realize it automatically. I have heard a great number of users complaining that Outlook has no a native feature to keep original attachments when replying an email. Therefore, here we will share you 6 methods, one of which is pretty useful as it is using VBA to make Outlook to auto attach the original...

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How to Export the Folder Structure of Your Outlook File to Excel

If you would like to quickly export the folder structure of your Outlook data file to an Excel workbook, you can utilize the method introduced in this article. For some reasons, such as logging current Outlook folders and subfolders, many users hope to export the folder structure of an Outlook file to an external file, like an Excel workbook. In the followings, we will share you a piece of VBA code, which can help you achieve it in a jiffy. Export the Folder Structure of Your Outlook...

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