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Why Data Recovery on SSD Is More Difficult than That on HDD?

Although solid state drive (SSD) has multiple advantages over traditional hard disk drive (HDD), recovering data from solid state drive is more difficult than hard disk drive. Now, in this article, we will discuss about this issue elaborately. More and more users prefer solid state drive (SSD) for both speed and reliability. More specifically, solid state drive uses flash memory to read and write data, so it can be much faster. Plus, as it has no moving components, it can be free of...

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How to Quickly Export Multiple Outlook Emails as a Single PDF File

Many users have the requirement of exporting multiple emails as a single PDF file in Outlook. Therefore, in this article, we’ll share you a piece of VBA code, which can accomplish this task in an instant. Outlook doesn’t provide any features to export an Outlook email as a PDF file, not to mention exporting multiple emails as one PDF file. Hence, if you need to do it, you have to seek other approaches, such as third party tool or VBA. Thereinafter, we will expose a means which is using...

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5 Vital Tips to Fix Hard Drive Issues with CHKDSK in Windows

Since computer data is stored in the computer hard drive, if the drive suffers any serious issues, data will be prone to corruption. So, Windows offers users a built-in disk repair tool – CHKDSK. Now, this post will share you 5 tips in using this tool. Computer data corruption or loss can occur from a variety of reasons, including software faults, virus attacks, power failures, and hardware problems, etc. Among these factors, without any doubts, hard drive issues can be one of the most...

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