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How to Get Warned If There Is Not Enough Free Time between Outlook Appointments

In order to keep your schedule not too hasty, you had better keep enough free time between Outlook appointments, such as at least 30 minutes. Now, this post will let your Outlook to warn you if there is no enough free time between appointments. Unquestionably, you should make your schedule reasonably. One of the most vital rules is to keep enough free time between appointments, preventing making your schedule too hasty. Otherwise, you will find that, most of time, you may miss or can’t...

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How to Quickly Resend the Meeting Invitation to Those Haven’t Responded in Outlook

Many users hope to quickly resend the meeting invitation to the attendees who have not made any responses. This article will show you how to achieve it. In my previous article – “How to Quickly Send a Notification Mail to the Meeting Attendees Who Haven’t Responded”, you could learn how to send a notification mail to the meeting recipients who haven’t responded. Similar to it, many users would like to directly resend this meeting invitation instead of a notification mail. Thus, in...

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6 Ways to Test If Your Hard Drive Is Bad or Not

You should take good care of your hard drive in that if it fails, your data will surely suffer. Also, you need to test your hard drive regularly, namely checking if it is bad or not. Now, this article will expose 6 approaches to test it. It is known that a bad hard drive can result in all kinds of issues. For instance, if it is an internal hard drive, your computer will tend to malfunction, such as errors when reading, copying or deleting data, pretty poor PC performance, unbootable PC...

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