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2 Methods to Batch Send Outlook Email to All Contacts in a Specific Color Category

If you would like to send Outlook email to all contacts in a specific color category in batches, you could utilize the 2 methods introduced in this article. For some reasons, at times, you may need to send a same email to all contacts in a specific color category. Without any doubts, sending one by one is pretty tedious. Hence, here we will share you 2 approaches. Both have their own pros and cons, you could choose either to your liking. Method 1: Batch Send to All Contacts in a...

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5 Vital Preparation Steps before RAID Rebuild

When a hard drive fails in redundant array of independent disks (RAID), you’ll need to perform RAID rebuild. But, before rebuild, you’d better make some preparation. This article will tell you 5 vital preparation steps in detail. The redundant array of independent disks (RAID) is a popular and advanced data storage technology in the contemporary era. Via it, you are capable of connecting two or more hard drives in a single storage system with utmost ease. In this case, your system will...

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How to Quickly Find out All Other Appointments Conflicting with a Specific Appointment in Outlook

When you create or change an appointment in Outlook calendar, Outlook will auto check if there are any conflicting appointments. At this time, if you wish to check the conflicts, you can use the method introduced in this post. Perhaps you have ever seen the “Conflicts with another appointment” text when creating or altering an Outlook appointment. It’s because that Outlook can auto check the conflicts. However, Outlook cannot help you to find the conflicts quickly by its default...

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