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Will Solid State Drive Completely Replace Hard Disk Drive in the Near Future?

With the advent and popularization of solid state drive, many users wonder if solid state drive will completely replace mechanical hard disk drive. This post will discuss about this issue in detail. In the earlier days, when it comes to data storage, hard disk drive will definitely occur to our minds in the first place. However, in the recent years, more and more diversified data storage media are emerging and preferred by users, particularly the solid state drive. Solid state drive is...

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How to Auto Archive an Outlook Email when Assigning a Specific Color Category to It

Some users wish that Outlook can auto archive an Outlook item as soon as they assign a specific color category to it, such as “Archive” category. In this post, we will share you a method, which can take Outlook email as an example. By default, you can only make Outlook to auto archive items on basis of the time intervals. However, in reality, many users even would like to auto archive items as per the color categories. For instance, when you apply a specific color category to an email,...

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How to Set the Default Start and End Time of All-day Events Based on Your Working Hours in Outlook

By default, you are not allowed to change the start and end time of all-day events as per your wishes in your Outlook. Now, this article will show you how to set the default start and end time of all-day events as per your working hours. As you can see, when you enable the “All day event” option in an appointment, both the “Start Time” and “End Time” fields will be greyed out. In this scenario, it means that you aren’t permitted to change them to your liking. Therefore, in the...

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