Unable to Import a PST File – Quick Steps to Resolve the Issue

The Ms exchange2003-to-2007Outlook application typically stores its encompassed data including your emails in a PST file, in case you are using the application without an Exchange server. Many Outlook users at times tend to backup their PST files with an eye on importing them at a later stage. Normally we make such backups when we are looking to reinstall the application or even move our files to a different machine. In some cases when we try to import the PST file that we saved, the process may fail. Now there are several reasons which may cause this issue and we would explore them in depth along with possible solutions.


Check the Size of the PST file and Outlook Iteration you are using

If you are trying to import a large PST file, over 2GB in size, into an older version of Outlook say the 1997 edition, it may effectively fail. In such a scenario you need to either upgrade your application or split the large file into parts using a third party tool.


Check for Permissions on the File

Often you experience a failure while attempting to import a PST file from an optical media disc or a removable media disk if the permissions on the file have been marked to Read only. Ideally you should first copy the file to the system and change its permissions to allow both read and write. Once done you can simply import the PST file into Outlook.


Check for Location of the file

In some cases you may have stored the PST file on a network drive and importing it from a remote location can prove tricky. In such cases consider copying the file to your local system and then import it.


A Compromised PST file is the most probable cause for an import failure

PST files have a tendency to get compromised due to logical errors. Now such issues of data corruption can occur while you were saving the PST file or may have been caused due a myriad other reasons. Irrespective of the cause, you can use Microsoft’s Inbox Repair tool to scan the file for possible errors. However you should always keep in mind that the Inbox Repair tool has a limited success ratio.


In case of a suspected PST corruption opt for a specialized tool

For Outlook users who use their trusted mail client for professional communication, losing out on their emails can be a disaster. So in case if you have a doubt that the PST file that you saved has got compromised, you should immediately opt for a powerful outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. Equipped with a state of the art algorithm designed to handle even the most intricate data corruption issues, this remarkable software can bring back your emails within minutes. More importantly its scope of operation is not restricted to emails only as it can extract your contacts, notes and even journal entries without any hassles. In case you saved the backup file in a removable media disk or even a solid state device, this reliable application can assuredly come to your rescue and bring back your lost data.


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Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com/products.htm

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