Learn to Use Rules in Outlook to Limit the Size of the Outgoing Emails

In an age where thsharing of images and videos have become common, the tendency to send emails which contain several large attachments is quite widespread. However, most internet service providers have a limit on the size of the emails that you can send out. Similarly a number of hosted email platforms limit the size of the emails that one can receive. Thus it is always ideal to restrict the size of your outgoing emails. This also helps avoid issues like large emails getting stuck in the Outlook Outbox. While you may consciously want to avoid sending emails say above 15MB in size, you may not always keep that in mind, every time you share an album or a large report file. The best way to limit the size of outgoing emails in Outlook involves the use of rules.


Create a Rule to restrict the size of Outgoing emails

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook Application and head to Tools
  2. Now click on Rules and Alerts
  3. Click on New Rule and then choose a Start from a Blank Rule in the next window
  4. Select the option “Check Messages after Sending”
  5. Click on Next and then in next screen choose the option “with a size in the specific range”
  6. Now click on the specific range hyperlink and enter the size limit in the At least field. You can opt to choose a very large figure in the at most field.
  7. Click on the Next and in the subsequent screen choose “defer delivery by a number of minutes”
  8. Now click on the “a number of” hyperlink and enter the minutes by which you wish to defer the message. Ideally keep it to 60 minutes to give yourself an abundant opportunity to remove the message from Outbox.
  9. Avoid placing any exceptions and click on Finish to save the rule.


Avoid Overloading of your Inbox file to prevent PST errors from creeping up

If your Inbox has reached a certain file size that runs into several gigabytes, it is likely to be more prone to errors. In fact in older iterations of Outlook hitting the 2GB mark was a sure shot way to corrupt the PST file. Even today, with the latest Outlook editions, it is advisable to keep your Inbox light. Now there are several ways in which you can achieve the same and they range from auto archiving old items to using rules to filter irrelevant emails. In some cases you can even split an Inbox file into parts depending on the date on which the message was received. However the threat of PST errors does not completely go away and as a matter of abundant caution you should invest in an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. The tool can save your valuable data on the day when you are most vulnerable and bring back the compromised data within minutes.


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