Quick tips to Repair a corrupted To-Do bar in Ms Outlook

Of the8216mom-i-don8217t-want-to-do-my-homework8217-2009-09-29_l several well thought out features that the Ms Outlook application can boast off, the To-Do bar may come across as tad boring. While it may not have the sophistication that some other features have, it is quite capable in itself. The To-Do bar can be used to list all important things that you need to take up. You can add calendars to it and use it to keep a track on key things that you must accomplish. However the To-Do bar can at times behave in an erratic fashion. In some cases you may find that duplicate entries have started appearing on the To-Do bar and in case you even attempt to delete the duplicate entry, the original one to goes away. Now, such an issue can leave you in quandary as you would have to live with multiple entries of the same item. Well the good news is that you can resolve the situation without reinstalling the Outlook application


Reset the To-Do Bar

In most cases when you encounter any abnormal listing in the To-Do bar, just resetting it may help you resolve the issue. To do so visit the Run box in Windows and just enter “outlook.exe /resettodobar”


You May need to Check View Settings

In some cases duplicate entries can be caused by distinct view settings. In some rare cases when you may assign a task to multiple categories, duplicate entries in the To-Do list may show up. The only simple solution here involves keeping the task restricted to a single category.


Keep an Eye Out for Manual Duplicate entries especially when lists are shared

In some cases duplicate entries and incorrect tasks can come up in the To-Do bar due to incorrect manual entries. Especially when you are working in a group and the To-Do bar is shared amongst the team such entries are common. To resolve the issue you need to manually weed out the duplicate entries and create a guideline for the team to make entries into the list.


Avoid losing the data stored in To-Do bar after a PST crash

If your Outlook application has crashed due to a PST error, it is likely to affect all the data stored in the application besides emails. Now in case you have important work pointers stored in the To-Do bar, opting for the Inbox Repair tool may not bring back that data. Hence you need to choose a specialized outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair which can effortlessly bring back all data elements stored inside Outlook application without fail. This versatile product can also help you get back contacts and journal entries besides any data that you may stored in the Business Contact Manager feature. Further the powerful application offers you the chance to recover multiple PST files in one go. The application is capable of recovering data from encrypted PST files and is equally effective against files exceeding 2GB in size.


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