Tracking down an Inadvertently Misplaced Folder in Ms Outlook

In some case, one of your Outlook folders may not appear in its designated place due to an accident or get misplaced due to a human error.

Tracking down an Inadvertently Misplaced Folder in Ms Outlook

At times while working on the Outlook email client you may need to move individual folders. For example you may have to move a certain project folder under a specific client folder. However during the course of moving folders you may accidentally misplace a folder or place it at a wrong place which you fail to remember. Now Outlook does not offer you an undo option to restore the original position of folders and thus you may have to manually trace out the specific folder. Let’s look at certain tips that can help you to locate a missing folder.

Try Searching for Folders in the vicinity

If you have some idea where you had attempted to move a folder too, you can look in that folder and in the vicinity of that folder. There may be a good chance that you would find that folder in quick time.

Find the entire list of folders

The most sure shot way to find the folder involves viewing the entire folder list in Outlook. This can be achieved by clicking on the root Personal Folder and then clicking on Properties. When the Properties screen comes into view you need to click on the Folder Size button. This would show up an entire list of folders present under personnel folders. Moreover you can view folders which are present inside other folders and it would be rather easy for you to locate the missing folder.

Now there may be a rare chance that the folder you are looking for has been deleted. In such a case you can take help of a recovery tool to bring back the missing data. A top of the line PST recovery can theoretically bring back an accidentally deleted folder.

Use Categories wherever possible to quickly segment emails

Creating folders for segregating email data has always been the preferred choice for many Outlook users. However categories offer a more effective way to segment emails and search them out. Moreover you can even add more than one category to a specific email.

Even Underlying PST files may not appear in their given places after a PST crash

PST crashes can be accompanied by several strange happenings. If it was bad enough to lose access to your precious emails, you may even find it difficult to locate the place where the corrupted PST file is stored. In such a scenario you can take recourse to the best outlook recovery tool in vogue today, the DataNumen Outlook Repair application to locate the missing file and extract its contents. It incidentally has the capacity to drag out data from nearly any storage media. Even if the file is placed in a Norton ghost image or a VMware file, the tool can bring forth its contents. Even temporary files that you were still working on at the time of the PST crash can be brought back by this remarkable tool.

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