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How to Auto Forward a Meeting Invitation to a Specific Person when Accepting It in Outlook

In Outlook, if you often need to forward the meeting invitation which you accept to a specific person, you will long for a method, which can achieve the “Auto Forward”. In this article, we will share you such a smart approach. For some reasons, like adding the meeting to your assistant’s calendar, you may be always required to forward the accepted meeting invitation to your assistant. In this scenario, you can utilize the following method, which can accomplish both “accept” and...

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6 Essential Things in Physical Data Recovery on Hard Drive

You shouldn’t attempt DIY data recovery on the hard drive that is suffering physical damage. It is because physical hard drive recovery requires specialized things. Now, in this article, we will expose 6 essential things in such data recovery. When it comes to hard drive failure, various causes can occur to your mind, such as file system corruption, improper formatting, corrupt track servo information, head component damage, control circuit damage and so on. Generally, hard drive damages...

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How to Quickly Count the Occurrences of a Specific Text in Multiple Outlook Emails

If you want to count how many times a specific text appears in multiple Outlook emails, you can refer to this article. It will share you a really rapid method, which is using VBA. Some users ask for a quick solution to count the occurrences of a specific text in several Outlook emails. Undoubtedly, counting manually and one by one is quite tedious and troublesome. Thus, here we will expose a much more intelligent way. Now read on to get it in detail. Count the Occurrences of a Specific...

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