Email Recovery

In-depth Insight into Data Loss in Virtual Environment

With the advent of virtualization technology, many businesses have benefited a lot. But data loss is prone to take place, too. Also, the data loss in virtual environment can be much more serious. Now, this article will probe into this issue. Nowadays, virtualization technology is more and more mature and is developing into the mainstream. Based on related survey, a great amount of large enterprises have already made full use of virtualization. More specifically, they’ve virtualized their...

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How to Batch Remove Photos from Multiple Contacts in Outlook

If you need to remove photos from multiple contacts, you must dislike doing it one by one. Thus, in this article, we will teach you how to accomplish this in batches. To remove a contact’s photo, you have to first open this contact. Then, under the “Contact” tab, you can find and click on the “Picture” button. There is a “Remove Picture” option in the drop down list. Without any doubts, in this way, it will be quite troublesome to remove many contacts’ photos. Hence, here we...

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How to Quickly Split One Contact Group into Two Groups via Outlook VBA

Many users ask for a quick approach to split a too large contact group, instead of copying and removing members manually. This article will teach how to use VBA to split a contact group into two groups in one click. Perhaps you have a pretty large contact group in your Outlook. More specifically, this contact group has multiple members. In such cases, you may feel it a bit hard to organize them. Therefore, you may wish to split it. Usually, you can split by the method introduced in my older...

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