Email Recovery

Is It Possible to Recover Overwritten Data?

Nowadays, data loss is very common. At the same time, data recovery also becomes increasingly developed. Many users are confused about whether it is also possible to recover overwritten data. This article will delve into this issue. In the current fast-evolving digital era, data is all-pervasive. Also, data loss is one of the most common occurrences for both individuals and businesses. Without any doubts, no one is willing to accept such terrible events. Generally, in the event of data loss,...

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How to Batch Change the Formats of All Dates in Your Outlook Email

If you want to batch change the formats of all dates in an email, such as altering dates from short date format to long date format, you can use the way introduced in this article. When you compose an email, if you would like to change the original formats of all dates, like modifying them from short date format to long date format, such as changing “12/7/2017” to “December 7, 2017”, you must long for a quicker means. It allows you to accomplish the changes in one go. Now, in the...

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2 Methods to Quickly Print All Highlighted Texts in Your Outlook Email

If the highlighted texts in an email are vitally important information, you may wish to print them out. This article will teach you 2 ways to quickly extract and print the highlighted texts in an email. Generally, we will highlight the extremely significant texts in an Outlook email. At times, you may desire to print out all the highlighted texts in an email. But there is not such a native feature in Outlook. You have to seek other means, such as the following one. Method 1: Print All...

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