2 Steps to Add a Watermark to Outlook Email Messages

As we all know, MS Word permits users to add watermark to the document, but Outlook cannot. In fact, by means of Word and Paint, we can add watermark to Outlook email messages as well. This article will tell you how to achieve it.

Nowadays, it is important to create a brand identity during business deals. Thus when you communicate with your clients via Outlook emails, why not add your company brand to the message such as watermark? Although Outlook doesn’t provide us with the direct feature, we can take the help of MS Word and Paint to accomplish it. Here we will only introduce a bit about creating watermark in Word document. If you want more, you can refer to another article in our blog – “How to Insert Custom Watermarks in Your Word Documents”.

Step 1: Create a Watermark Image in Virtue of MS Word and Paint

  1. At the very outset, launch MS Word and switch from “Home” tab to “Page Layout”. Under this tab, locate and click “Watermark” button in the group of “Page Background”.Locate Watermark Button
  2. Then from its drop down list, you can choose a readymade one or click “Custom Watermark” to customize your personal watermark.Custom Watermark
  3. Clicking “Custom Watermark” will bring out a new dialog box, in which you can design your preferred watermark at will. And finally click “Apply” and “Close” button.Design Your Prefered Watermark
  4. When you back to the document, you can see the watermark has been added successfully. What you should do next is to adjust the size of the current page to make the entire watermark visible. You can use the zoom bar at the right bottom corner.Use Zoom Bar to Make the Entire Watermark Visible
  5. When the entire watermark is visible, press “Print Screen” key to make a screenshot.
  6. Next open “Paint” program and paste the screenshot to the current window.Paste the Screenshot to the Paint
  7. After pasting, utilize “Select” tool to select the watermark. Right click and choose “Crop” to leave your selection only in the paint window.Leave the Selection Only
  8. Eventually save the file to local as any picture format.Save the File to Local

Through the above operations, you have succeeded to create a watermark image. Then let’s turn to the next step.

Step 2: Set the Watermark Image as the Email Message Background in Outlook

  1. At first, open Outlook application and create a new email.
  2. In the New Message window, switch to “Options” tab and click “Page Color” button. From the drop down list, select “Fill Effects”.Fill Effects in New Message Window
  3. In the popup dialog box of “Fill Effects”, head to “Picture” tab. And click “select picture” button to locate the target watermark image.Select Watermark Image
  4. Finally click “OK” button. Immediately you will find that it has been added to the email message body with success.Watermark in Outlook Message

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  1. alles werkt goed alleen als ik het wel toevoegen in de krijg ik een error
    HTTP Error 400. The size of the request headers is too long.
    dit krijg ik algelijk bij de paginakleur

  2. This worked just the way you said. I was hoping that it would only put one image of our logo in the body of the e-mail (it repeated). However, I was satisfied with the results. Thank you!

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