How to Insert Custom Watermarks in Your Word Documents

While Word provides users with galleries of ready-made watermarks, however, you can also create custom watermark of your own if the preset watermarks do not suit your needs.

Watermarks are, probably, one of the most reliable ways to label and identify your Word documents, especially for sensitive, confidential, or private ones. As a watermark is splashed across the overall page, you will not possibly miss a watermark on your page. While Word offers a variety of pre-designed watermarks, you are not limited to the texts and format specified in default settings. In fact, you can use any text or format you like for the watermark of your document, such as a company logo. In this article, we will then talk about how to create your desired watermarks.

Create a Custom Watermark at Anywhere of Your Pages

Although Word offers a variety of pre-designed watermarks, these watermarks can only be placed in the middle of pages. However, you can use the method below also create a custom watermark.

  1. On the “Page layout” tab, click “Watermark” drop down arrow. Click “Watermark” drop down arrow
  1. Click on “Custom Watermark”.Click on “Custom Watermark”
  2. A dialogue box appears first click “Text watermark”. Then, change the font, size, color and the layout as you desire and click ‘OK’ button. If you want, you can also insert a watermark with custom text.Insert a watermark with custom text
  3. Now the watermark rests at the middle of the page. To change its size or reposition it, you should first move your mouse over to click at the header. Then, the watermark is editable, and you can adjust its size or move it to where you want. Finally, double click at the page to finish editing.Adjust its size or move it to where you want

Create Multiple Different Watermarks on a Single Page

Generally, a watermark is adequate for a document page. However, you can also create multiple watermarks on a single page.

  1. Double click on the header, and then you can copy and paste this watermark. Therefore, you will have multiple watermarks on a page.
  2. And if you want to place multiple different watermarks on a page, you can then click “Page layout” and click “Watermark” to insert a different watermark.
  3. Double click on the header again, so you can drag these watermarks anywhere on the page. When the layout meets your approval, click “OK”.Add multiple watermark

Restore Data from Damaged Word File

As is mentioned, despite various pre-designed watermarks, you can also customize watermarks of your own. Also, Word offers a variety of options for other features. Yet, we may encounter data losses duo to mis-operations or other causes. To deal with it, your first resort is the in-build repair tool in Word. In case such attempt to restore Word data fails, you should then try to fix the file with another doc repair tool, which can restore your data from corrupted Word files effortlessly.

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