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Understand the Relevance of Data Collector in SQL Server 2017

This article attempts to provide an in-depth understanding and relevance of Data collector in SQL Server 2017. The Data Collector is a SQL Server 2017 core-component that helps in collecting a different set of data. Data Collection can run continuously as well as on a schedule defined by the user. The data collectors store all the data in a management data warehouse in a form in a relational database. It offers a central point from which the user can collect the data across the...

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4 Key Benefits of Solution Explorer Pane in SQL Server Management Studio

In this article, we explain the relevance of Solution explorer feature present in SQL Server Management Studio and mention 4 Key benefits of using it.  SSMS’s Solution Explorer Pane offer containers which are referred to as projects, which are used for managing items like queries, files, database scripts, and data connections. A user can combine these projects in a container, which are called a solution. A solution can comprise of multiple, projects, metadata and files, which...

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A Lowdown on Data-tier Applications in SQL Server and Their Key Benefits

This article addresses a deeper understanding of Data-tier application, while also underlying its key benefits. DAC (Data-tier application) can be defined as a logical database management system, which defines SQL Server objects, which are associated with the selected user’s database like, views, instance objects, table, and logins. A DAC acts as a self-contained unit comprised in a SQL Server database used for deployment that enables developers of data-tier and database...

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