SQL Server Database Recovery

How to Use the Copy Database Wizard in SQL Server

In this article, we look at the features of the copy database wizard for moving objects from one SQL instance to another. We further look at restrictions and tips to get past them. A SQL Server instance comprises of several objects, and if you ever you need to move those objects from the given instance to another then manually transferring them will not be a wise thing to do. For transferring your SQL objects from one instance to another you should make use of the Copy Database Wizard....

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3 Key Benefits of Mirrored Backup Media Sets in SQL Server

In this article, we look at how reliability for backups can be increased with the use of Backup Media sets that are mirrored. Mirroring with a media set drastically increases the reliability of a backup by reducing chances as well as the fallout of device malfunctions. Mirroring is an essential function of SQL server as a backup is the last ray of hope which can protect the user against possible data loss. In time as the data grows, the probability of malfunctions also grows which increases...

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