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4 Key Benefits of Buffer Pool Extension that Every SQL Server Administrator Must Know

This article addresses the 4 Key Benefits of Buffer Pool Extension that Every SQL Server Administrator Must Know. Buffer Pool Extension was introduced in 2014 SQL Server with the aim of providing seamless integration of random access memory to the extension of buffer pool database engine which helps in significantly improving the I/O throughput. Note that buffer pool extension is not made available in all SQL Server editions. SQL Server Buffer Pool aka SQL Server Buffer Cache can be...

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3 Key Highlights of Service Broker in SQL Server 2017

This article addresses some of the key highlights of the Service Broker in SQL Server 2017. Service Broker in SQL Server offers native support effectively for queuing and messaging applications in a SQL Server Database Engine. In essence, this simplifies the process of application creation, where users can operate using multiple components of the database engine while communicating between different databases.  Now developers may also look to use Service Broker for building reliable and...

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5 Steps to Make Performance Improvements Noticeable in TempDB in SQL Server

This article addresses the importance of TempDB, while also underlying its features which can be used for making performance Improvements starkly noticeable in TempDB. TempDB is a global database resource which is accessible to every user who is connected to the SQL Server instance. Most operations within tempdb are unlogged, which enables transactions to easily roll back. A new tempdb is created every time a user starts his/her SQL Server, so that system is always starting with a fresh...

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