SQL Server Database Recovery

How On-demand Analytics Service Works with Azure Data Lake

This article addresses how on-demand analytics service works with Azure Data Lake. Azure Data Lake is an analytics service, which aims at easing big data analytics into a simpler avatar. This allows organizations to focus on managing, running and writing jobs instead of operating on a distributed infrastructure. Users use queries to extract valuable insights and transform their data, instead of configuring or deploying or tuning their hardware. This on-demand service can be used for...

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How to Authorize Additional Connections after Connecting to a Database Engine in SQL Server

In this article, users can learn to authorize additional connections after connecting them to a Database Engine in SQL Server. Users can easily connect Database Engine to tools which are running in a computer, especially if they know the names of the instance, or if they are connecting to the engine as a part of the Administrator group. Note that in order to connect a database engine user needs to operate the connection procedure from the host SQL server. Steps for determining the...

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Understanding Hierarchyid Data Type in SQL Server

This article addresses the meaning and usage of hierarchyid data type and the method used in SQL Server. Hierarchyid can be defined as a system data type or a variable length. As the name suggests it is used for representing different positions in a hierarchy. However, column type of hierarchyid doesn’t automatically represent a hierarchy tree. It completely depends on the application, to assign and generate hierarchyid values in a way that the values are able to reflect their...

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