SQL Server Database Recovery

7 Salient Aspects about SQLPackage.exe and Key Development Tasks It is Used For

This article explains the multiple tasks that can be automated using SQLPackage.exe along with a brief description of those tasks. Out of the multitude of tasks and operations that you can perform in Microsoft SQL Server, there are a few that can be automated using the SQLpackage.exe. This is one of those command lines utility which can be used for automating the given development tasks in SQL Server. This not only makes performing a given a task easier but also helps you save the precious...

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Understanding Business Continuity Features in Azure SQL Databases

In this article we look at business continuity features present in Azure SQL databases ranging from Point in time restore to active geo-replication. Azure SQL Database is a service provided by Microsoft in the form of cloud database. Azure is a cloud computing platform, which enables organizations to create backups and store their relational data on a large scale on cloud. Azure also helps in scaling the size of business’s database based on their changing storage...

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How to Navigate and Search Content with Power BI

In this article, we look at using Power BI to Navigate content. We also provide tips for using the tool for searching and even sorting content in workspaces. Organizations often have to deal with a lot of trouble managing tons of data, which is flooding their systems with thousands of files folders and documents. Accessing required data in the mess of these databases can sound like a nightmare. But thankfully there are features like Power BI with which users can actually access their data...

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