How to Repair Corrupted Outlook Files Swiftly

Outlook is vulnerable to corruption due to various malicious factors. Based on these reasons, this article will tell you how to repair corrupted Outlook files.

With emails becoming a main communication tool, a host of email clients spring up in the market. Facing so many opponents, Outlook has been widely recognized as the most popular email client via its countless functions. Not only can we utilize Outlook as a standalone email client, but also we are capable of applying it to manage our contacts, arrange schedules and so on.Repair Corrupted Outlook Files

However, in spite of numerous capabilities, Outlook cannot get rid of corruption, which is entirely the same as other software. Confronted with damaged Outlook files, you needn’t panic. Following the operations below can help you repair them in a quick time.

Utilize Your Backups

As a regular user of Outlook, I’ve gotten acquaintances with Outlook vulnerability. But I still cannot predict when Outlook crashes may occur. Thus I’ve realized the significance of making backups. I keep making backups at regular intervals, such that although Outlook files get damaged severely, I can utilize my backups to restore my previous archived files with effortless ease.

It is also advisable for you to make backups. Then when you encountered outlook corruption, you can simple go to “File” menu and select “Open Outlook Data File”. Then locate your backup to open it.Open Outlook Data Files

Apply Outlook Built-in Repair Tool

If no any backups, you have no other choices but to repair the corrupted Outlook files. Then the first step is to employ Outlook built-in repair tool, namely Scanpst.exe.

This tool is usually hidden.

  1. In order to find it, you need to open Windows Explorer and locate the disks where Outlook is installed.
  2. Then enter “Scanpst” in search field. Then Windows will search out it, which may take a few seconds. You should double click it to start the Scanpst.exe.Outlook Built-in Repair Tool
  3. In the new popup dialog box of, you can click “Browse” to select your corrupted Outlook files. And click “Start” button to repair it.Use Scanpst.exe

Repiar Corrupted Outlook Files via an External Repair Tool

Virtually Scanpst.exe is ineffective in most situations especially when repairing the Outlook file that seriously attacked by viruses or malware. Therefore, it is time to resort to a potent external repair tool.

Due to well-known Outlook’s vulnerability, diverse specialized Outlook repair tools have appeared nowadays. Hence it is particularly important to select a versatile one like DataNumen Outlook Repair. It can repair both a single file and a batch of files with a high Outlook recovery rate. Besides, it also provides a trial product that you can simply download in its official website.

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