Recover Outlook Data from Temporary Files

When Outlook accessing the PST file, it may create a hidden temporary file under the same folder as the PST file being access. For example, if the PST file being accessed is called MyOutlook.PST, then the hidden temporary PST file name will be MyOutlook.pst.tmp, created in the same folder as MyOutlook.PST.

When your Outlook is crashing and you cannot recover wanted data from MyOutlook.PST, then it is still possible to recover your data from MyOutlook.PST.tmp, as follows:

  1. Since MyOutlook.pst.tmp is a hidden file, you must first change your system settings to show the hidden file, below is the related articles: (Windows 7) (Windows Vista)
  2. Rename MyOutlook.PST.tmp to MyOutlookTmp.PST
  3. Start DataNumen Outlook Repair.
  4. Select MyOutlookTemp.PST as the source file to be repaired.
  5. Set the fixed PST file name.
  6. Click “Start Repair” button to repair MyOutlookTemp.PST and the recovered data will be output to the fixed file.
  7. After the repair process, open the fixed file with Outlook and check if the data you want have been recovered or not.