How to Quickly Export the Count of Items in Each Color Category in Your Outlook to Excel

If you would like to quickly get the total count of items in each color category in your Outlook PST file, you can use the VBA code exposed in this article. It’ll export all the counts into an Excel file directly for your convenient check. Sometimes, for some reasons, you may want to count how many items are in each color category in an Outlook data file. In general, you can use instant search to do the counting. For instance, firstly click into the search box. Then click “Categorize”...

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4 Tips to Secure SQL Server Implementations in the Cloud

With more and more SQL Server implementations happening in the cloud, it is imperative to take measures to secure them. Those who are running the Enterprise edition of SQL Server on onsite servers, do not have too much to worry about, with features like Transparent Data Encryption and Extensible Key Management at their disposal. The problem is for those, who have their SQL installations over cloud. Securing SQL over cloud continues to be a problem troubling a lot of users. SQL Server is a...

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How to Quickly Compress All Attachments into a RAR File in Your Outlook Email

Though Outlook doesn’t permit directly compressing attachments into a RAR file, you still can use the VBA code introduced in this article to realize it like a breeze. As we all know, when attaching many large files to one email, you will be likely to get a warning about the attachment size limit in Outlook. Also, if an email carries too large attachments, it will become more difficult to send it out successfully. So, in face of such attachments, you can opt to compress them into a RAR...

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